Laparoscopic Prostate Removal
for Severe, Treatment-Resistant
Chronic Prostatitis


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Merlin: Three prostate operations, including one that worked.

MerlinMerlin Gill

For more than twenty five years, I had suffered from burning when urinating and upon ejaculation, joint and back pain, and constipation.

Local doctors diagnosed me with Chronic Prostatitis in 2000. This came after years of discomfort which I was told originated from acid reflux and a nervous stomach. In May 2006, I decided to undergo open [partial] prostatectomy which proved ineffective. By the following December 2007 I had transurethral [partial] prostatectomy, TURP, but this too achieved nothing.

I came across Dr. Krongrad’s work and the story of David Radford, who found relief after eight years of misery from prostatitis. With my doctor’s support I made contact with Dr. Krongrad, who cautioned me that if two partial prostatectomies gave me no relief there was no scientific basis for believing a complete prostatectomy would. I listened patiently, as did he, and together we decided to move ahead. I understood that what I was asking had no scientific history. The same had been true for Mr. Radford when he had asked to be treated with surgery.

I soon made arrangements to remove my prostate by laparoscopic surgery. I had it done on the 10th July, 2008 and it was the best decision that I could have made. I suffered very little discomfort and pain and had minimal bleeding. My incontinence improved gradually  over three months and I have now regained full control of my bladder.

For the first time in twenty-five years and after so many ineffective treatments all my symptoms have finally disappeared!

Please do not allow chronic prostatitis to rob you of quality of life.

I unreservedly recommend Dr. Krongrad and LRP to anyone.

Thank you Dr. Krongrad and may God bless you.

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