Laparoscopic Prostate Removal
for Severe, Treatment-Resistant
Chronic Prostatitis


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John D

12 years of prostate pain and burningI suffered with pain and burning around the prostate area and was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis 12 years ago. When I drove for a prolonged period of time, the pain would be severe. My family and I loved weekend road trips but they became impossible.
Over the years, I went to numerous of doctors, each trying different therapy but nothing helped for any length of time. I was put on a bland diet, could drink nothing but water or cranberry juice. I was given Levaquin or Cipro for months at a time. This was very harsh on my stomach, resulting in being prescribed Nexium for my stomach issues. I developed a twitch in my neck from all the Levaquin and still have to live with that twitch.
I would have flare ups after sexual activity. In the last couple of years before surgery, these activities became much less frequent due to the pain. I constantly felt like I need to urinate, but nothing would come out. During the winter of 2009, I was about at the end of my rope, I begged several local doctors to take out my prostate and they refused, giving me more antibiotics. At this point I was almost suicidal. Then I received a phone call from an angel named Hope.
My wife had located Dr. Krongrad’s information on the internet and had contacted them. I was unaware of this until Hope called. We talked about my problem for about 20 minutes. I hung up feeling like there was still hope for me. Dr. Krongrad called personally and spoke to me about my situation. We discussed options, he had all my medical records and blood work results.
We scheduled my surgery the 1st week of Jan 2010. My wife and I flew to Florida 2 days before the surgery for pre-op requirements. The surgery was on Thursday morning, I was released from the hospital on Friday morning. We stayed nearby until Monday for a follow up with Dr. Krongrad and then flew home.
I was concern about wearing a catheter for 2 weeks which was a little uncomfortable but ok. I am a slow healer, it took several months and a couple of trips to my local hospital because of scar tissue it was closing off the urethra and I couldn’t pass urine. Each time I had to wear a catheter again.
I had to wear Depends for a short period of time, but soon switched to small shields. I still have a little incontinence today and I am still impotent but my overall quality of life is much better.
I can eat a normal diet, drive without pain, and take trips with my wife without spending most of the trip in misery. I don’t have to take all the time off from work that I used to.
Dr. Krongrad and his staff have always been supportive and continue to be available to answer my questions even after 2 years. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone suffering from chronic prostatitis. Dr. Krongrad, Hope and Ruth are the best. They saved my life. God bless them for all they do.
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