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Social Relationships, Sexual Relationships

prostatitis affects social and sexual functionPatients with prostatitis are afflicted with pain in their genitals, which can cause hesitation with intimacy and sexuality. They are likewise also afflicted by fatigue, which can interfere with social functions. The effects of prostatitis symptoms on social and couples relationships have been documented in a study that joinly looked at chronic prostatitis and interstitial cystitis. It that found that:

  • Symptoms intefered with work through direct daily disruptions
  • Symptoms interfered with work through indirect disruption to career opportunity
  • Patients worry about lack of professional competence due to low energy and inability to concentrate
  • Patients withdrew from family and friends and instead stayed at home
  • It was hard for patients to plan their socializing around their symptoms
  • Patients had reduced libido (sexual desire)
  • Irritability affected family and friends

In a separate study, it was more specifically shown that:

  • Pain was associated with sexual and relationship function
  • Pain was overall less important to patient and partner functioning than sexual and relationship variables
  • The relationship adjustment of both patient and partner was correlated with that of the partner
  • Female sexual function was correlated with prostatitis pain

These studies reinforce the intuitive sense and anecdotal reports that conditions with pain and fatigue, of which prostatitis is a very good example, interfere with an array of social function. This includes work and sexual function.

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