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Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms

prostatitisThe prostate is an organ of the male pelvis; it is found just behind the pubic bone.

The prostate can have many things wrong with it. As men age, the prostate can enlarge and obstruct urination. The prostate is also commonly a source of cancer. From this point forward we will consider only prostatitis, a third possible prostatic condition that is characterized by a broad range of possible signs and symptoms.

Prostatitis achieves clinical meaning because it can cause great discomfort. The discomfort associated with prostatitis varies from man to man and can include combinations of pelvic pain, pelvic pressure, perineal pain, a vague sense of discomfort, a feeling of malaise, lack of energy, fatigue, fever, urinary frequency and urgency, burning on urination, pain on orgasm and ejaculation, back pain, and bleeding.

Prostatitis has been associated with a range of problems related to reduced libido, sexual dysfunction, and troubles with partners. It can have an effect on the patient's partner and it has been blamed for couples breaking up and divorce.

In severe cases, the discomfort of chronic prostatitis can cause reductions in quality of life as severe as those seen in acute heart attack and such inflammatory bowel diseases as Crohn’s Disease.

The symptoms of prostatitis can be short-lived, in which case we call this acute prostatitis. However, in many men the symptoms of prostatitis can be chronic and indeed very long-lasting; in the past, such conditions were sometimes called prostatodynia, a term that is no longer in general use. This site is mainly about chronic prostatitis, which is also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) and type III prostatitis; this is the most common kind of prostatitis. Click to read about the epidemiology of prostatitis. Click to read about the classification of prostatitis.
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