Laparoscopic Prostate Removal
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Pollen Extract

pollen extractAlong with the phytotherapeutic Saw Palmetto extract and Quercetin, pollen extract has been used to treat type III prostatitis for a long time. While its actions are not understood, because it is available as a standardized extract, the potential exists in theory to use it to help relieve symptoms. This potential seems attractive because pollen is generally safe and inexpensive.

2009 study of commercially available Cernilton pollen extract compared it to placebo. In men with an average of 39 years, the pre-treatment CPSI of 20.3 dropped to 14.9 in the placebo group. It dropped from 19.2 to 11.7 in the pollen group.

Overall, pollen worked better than placebo, but not better than historical comparison with global therapeutic massage.
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