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John: It turned out that he also had prostate cancer.

John_CrowJohn Crow

I had my first bout of prostatitis five years ago. The disease went into remission and resurfaced five years later with a vengeance. This time it was constant and debilitating. I was diagnosed with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. I put up with it for a year before deciding to have the laparoscopic prostate removal surgery performed by Dr. Krongrad.

Before deciding to have the surgery, I had taken an extended course of cipromax. My urologist also had me taking Uroxatrol and Proscar thinking my prostate might be enlarged. This seemed odd to me since every time I had my prostate checked, it was always fine and normal size. The antibiotics were strong and very hard on my stomach. As it turns out, I think the antibiotics were hard on my bladder also.

I kept taking the medications as prescribed by my urologist. The only problem was that the prostatitis was not getting better. As a matter of fact, it was getting worse. I couldn’t sit without sitting on a donut. Even that was not comfortable. So, I couldn’t go out to dinner or attend any other type of social function without taking a donut. I was doing good to be able to put a full day in the office. Even though I wasn’t running a fever, I had the chills constantly and was drained of energy. Basically I was miserable all the time.

I started researching my problem for available options and read about all types of treatments that really didn’t provide long lasting solutions. I approached my urologist about any surgical options and he said the only option was to microwave the prostate. He even admitted that the procedure was not very successful.

Prostate removal was out of the question unless cancer was also indicated. My PSA was checked and came in at 0.49 and so he didn’t see any need to look closer at the possibility of having cancer. So, I was almost resigned to the thought of having to live under the pain and discomfort of prostatitis for the rest of my life.

But then, I came across Dr. Krongrad’s website and the story of David Radford. My initial inquiry to the Krongrad Institute was made via email. As many of Dr Krongrad’s other patients have stated, I was amazed to get a response within a couple of hours. I began a dialogue with Dr Krongrad that continued over a period of several months. He took the time to answer all my questions and didn’t pressure me.

I spoke with about a dozen of his prior patients including David Radford before I made my decision. I clearly understood the risks of incontinence and impotence but decided to go ahead with the surgery. I was determined not to be another prostatitis patient who put up with the miserable disease for 8 years before deciding to have the surgery. For me, the decision was rather easy.

I have purposely waited until now to post my story because I wanted to be sure the results would be positive and long lasting. I am 8 months out of surgery and can honestly say that I am experiencing no more prostatitis pain. I’m back to enjoying life again. My continence returned very quickly. I was sleeping through the night and staying dry immediately after removing the catheter. By the end of month 3 I was not even wearing a pad anymore. Actually, my continence is better now than before the surgery. I used to dribble after urinating. I no longer have this problem. The impotence is still a work in progress but showing signs of improvement.

I will say that I have been concerned about the bladder sensitivity after the surgery. To this day, I still have to approach spicy/acidic food and drinks with caution. However, I am encouraged that this seems to be improving recently.

Now for the kicker: My pathology report showed I had early stage prostate cancer confined to the right side. This is also where most of my pain was occurring. So, I can rest assured that I made the absolute right decision.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr Krongrad. I have never met a doctor quite like him. I believe that his approach and willingness to think outside the box has made life changing differences on the chronic prostatitis patients he has operated on. I know it has for me. I also believe that the work he is doing will eventually change the course of prostatitis treatment protocol.

His staff of Ruth and Hope are both extremely efficient and helpful. In my case, I was denied coverage as the insurance company determined the surgery medically unnecessary. Since early stage prostate cancer was found, everything was re-submitted and coverage was provided. It was a real nightmare getting reimbursed but Hope was extremely helpful through the whole mess.

Thank you, Arnon Krongrad. I will never forget how you have helped me.

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