Laparoscopic Prostate Removal
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Global Therapeutic Massage

therapeutic massageGlobal therapeutic massage doesn't just feel good: Massage has measurable therapeutic effects associated with a general sense of wellness and relaxation. Among those physiological effects are lowered blood pressure and lowered heart rate. Among the most effective places to deliver therapeutic massage are the head, back, and hand.

Nearly all studies of massage for prostatitis relate to trans-rectal manipulation of the prostate. However, in principle, because it promotes relaxation and a sense of well being, global therapeutic massage may help to reduce the symptoms of prostatitis.

In a study published in 2009, the effects of global therapeutic massage on the symptoms of prostatitiis were measured. This was part of a study designed principally to establish the feasibility of measuring the effects of myofascial physical therapy (trigger point release). Nonetheless, its findings are of some interest, even if they are not the last word on the role of global therapeutic massage in treating chronic prostatitis and/or any other urological chronic pelvic pain syndromes.

The study involved men with an average age of 43 years who had been diagnosed no more than 3 years earlier. All had had at least one previous treatment. Their average pre-massage CPSI score dropped from 25.8 to 18.2 at 3 months.

Overall, within the methodological limitations of comparisons to historical controls, it would appear that global therapeutic massage achieves the same or better average level of symptom reduction as surgical pudendal nerve release, quercetin supplementation, pollen extract supplementation, prostate massage, alpha-blockers, and antibiotics.
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