Laparoscopic Prostate Removal
for Severe, Treatment-Resistant
Chronic Prostatitis


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David: The man who went first.

David Radford

I had a PSA 0.9 and my quality of life was 0.9. I had eight years of miserable chronic prostatitis.

After eight years of taking medication for constant prostate pain, antibiotics for infections destroying my immune system, and frequent time consuming costly visits to numerous urologists, a surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic referred me to Dr. Krongrad. He referred me for surgical prostate removal.

Dr. Krongrad agreed to help me.  Thanks for a doctor who can not only treat, but also solve a problem.  I was the first patient to have surgery for chronic prostatitis with Dr. Krongrad, who does mainly prostate cancer treatment. Numerous urologists told me that this type of surgery was not viable for me and that the scar tissue was more painful than prostatitis and that I would learn to live with the pain and be overjoyed that I was not dying with cancer.

My laparoscopic surgery was like most of Dr. Krongrad’s surgeries: First class in every respect.  When I came out of surgery, I was laying on my back for the first time in many years without the pain of feeling as if I had a golf ball in my rectum.

One month later, I was able to resume my passion of playing drums and gigging with my band.  Playing drums before surgery was at best very painful.  I was frequently left with fever, chills and pain for weeks after.  I continue to improve day by day, doing more of the things I love. 

I have no urination or leaking problems post surgery and antibiotics & pain killers are no longer necessary.  Now, I can actually sit through business meetings & social functions without a donut.  I’m now living without pain and loving to live again.

At first I was having erectile dysfunction issues but now erections are returning without any aid from medication. Overall sex is much improved, especially without the severe pain on ejaculation as before.  I had no lost sex drive or depression syndrome.  Everything improved dramatically post surgery.

Many thanks to Dr. Krongrad for making this change possible. Thanks to Ruth, Hope and a very helpful staff who treated us like family; patiently answering our many questions. 

My life is now a solid 9. That’s my story eight months after surgery for prostatitis.

I have been asked if I would do the surgery again.

My answer is absolutely, only sooner!

# # #

[Three years after his surgery, David added this note]

Three years later, after surgery, I'm 200% better!!!! Quality of life is great. Urinary function better than ever, flow is so strong the sound has even drowned out my wife's vampire show! Sex is much more satisfying. I am 58 and my wife is 59 and we are having the best sex of our lives!! My erection is 100% without any drugs, pumps or bands. I have no pain nor do I have the urge to commit suicide.
I have gone on to run a successful business, also, playing drums as much as I want to. I am also lifting weights, flying and have just finished restoring a 1967 Corvette, that was on hold.
I will always owe Dr. Krongrad my life!! He comes with my highest recommendations. I now have a life worth living and a new body!!! Dr. K. forever!!!!

[David's testimonial was written 8 months after surgery. To see how he was doing 2.5 years later, please visit his video on the home page]

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